Formula Student Balkans 2024

Experience the fusion of engineering excellence and sustainable innovation at Formula Student Balkans 2023! Our premier event unites young engineers from top European universities, with a focus on the Balkans region, in an unmatched design and engineering challenge.

With a mission to foster creativity and hands-on experience, participants have honed their skills through workshops, designing, building, and fine-tuning their formula-style race cars.

Beyond racing, Formula Student Balkans promotes camaraderie and collaboration, encouraging a healthy spirit of competition.

On a professionally designed track, expert judges evaluate vehicles based on design, acceleration, endurance, and efficiency. Winning teams earn recognition, rewards, and international exposure.

Our vision emphasizes sustainability and inspiring the next generation to develop eco-friendly solutions for the automotive industry.

Formula Student Balkans: A movement propelling engineering excellence and a brighter, more sustainable future. Join us on this thrilling journey!


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